SEO Rank and the Zero Position

SEO Rank and the Zero PositionLet me tell you a story about SEO rank and the zero position. And while it may sound like a fable, it happens to be true. In fact, it has quite a twist and turn to it.

Since search engines (se’s) dawned for user internet inquiries, methods for mastering rank on page 1 of search engine results pages (SERPs) dawned. The fine-tuned method of choice has nearly always been search engine optimization (SEO). In its purest form, it applies a natural, or organic means of making a website rank high. No tricks, no fancy stuff, just making the site as relevant, information and keyword rich, user friendly, the whole nine yards.

SEO Rank and the Zero Position on SERPs

Early on, it was fairly easy to get page 1 and position 1/ page 1 ranking, if you simply understood basically how the se’s parsed their data. You knew the handful of things to do to trigger positive results. Also, the simplicity rested in the fact that there weren’t many websites on the internet yet, thousands (not a whole lot of competition for pg.1). Ah, those were the days. Although, that quickly changed.

Fast forward. Now, billions of websites crowd the se’s, who in turn, use highly sophisticated, information parsing methods. Take Google, the head of the pack. As a result, while SEO has never been more significant, the prime object of it, organic position 1, has never faced more focus or challenge. In addition, its methods have expanded, with highly sophisticated components, in keeping with the dynamism of the internet. Speaking of that, now, there’s a new kid on the block. It makes things even more interesting. It’s called 0 position. That’s right, zero position.

Introducing SEO Rank and the Zero Position as Featured Snippet

When se’s like Google first introduced the object in their SERPs, I’m sure it had many SEO’rs saying, “What the heck, a natural result…in Zero position?” In fact, it’s not an ad, it’s not a local map result,  just to clear those questions up right now. Although, it still takes us back to the foundation of SEO: well structured, information-rich, web pages using a variety of constructs. Tables, lists, step-by-step instructions, thorough explanations make up just some of these constructs. They allow se’s to pull a lot of relevant data from your website, for their users.  In fact, if one of your web pages answers the user’s question best, it should be the one Google pulls to the top. Yes, even on top of the top on page 1.

Hence, we have SEO rank and the zero position on SERPs, and a whole new dynamic to applied SEO. Oh, and zero position has a special name: Featured Snippet. Is this a happy ending to our story? Well, it’s definitely not the end. In fact, you might say that SEO is a happy, never ending story. How can it be otherwise, with things like Featured Snippets creating new twists and turns?

Here’s a tip: Avoid the twists and turns. Use SEO experts, who know all paths leading to the mastery of Featured Snippets. Let them do the leg work. You see, it’s another quite delicate, sophisticated dance in SEO ranking, for zero position. Let the experts perform it for you. Talk with them at Prostyle Development. Why not give them a call today? (858) 842-8120