SEO Beginner Must-Dos

SEO Beginner Must-DosNew to SEO but want to make a great impact? Here’s what you should do. First, keep your focus on getting it right the first time. Second, never settle for unfinished and second best solutions. Third, use the best, legitimate tactics available. If you don’t know what they all are, let’s look now at some SEO beginner must-dos. In fact, as you move more and more into the world of SEO, you may find like I do that it’s quite a beautiful place to be! You may treat these must-dos as the holy grails of SEO, as I do.

SEO Beginner Must-Dos The Holy Grail of Tactics

A lot of both creative and scientific aspects come together to form a true SEO career place. As a result, if you are someone with an educational background and interest in both, this is an awesome career to pursue! And, you will love the view!

Now, to get started on the right foot, these SEO beginner must-dos, the Holy Grail of tactics, as I like to call them, should be adopted. They should become a part of everything you do going forward.

1st Must-Do: SEO Research!

  1. Research your client’s needs and their focus. Get to know and understand the basics of their business and where they want most to put the focus. Stay on point with the direction developed from what you learn.
  2. Research the keywords that form relevant targets based on step 1.  Include keyword ranking, keyword suggestion and keyword grouping tools. Although, rely on your best judgement for refining those you will actually choose and apply. Some tools helpful to that end include Raven Tools, AdWords Editor, AdWords Keyword Planner and Wordstream Keyword Grouper.
  3. Research competitors. Keep an eye on what they do. In fact, weigh their search engine ranking, any new content and links added. Assess their content diversity and keyword targeting in relation to your SEO and content development strategy. Some tools helpful to that end include SpyFu, SEMrush, BuzzSumo and Ahrefs.

Apply What You Learn In the Research to the Following Tactics

2nd Must-Do: Long Tail Keywords

Now that you have your initial research locked in and its dynamics ‘turned on’, plan on plenty of engagement and excitement ahead. Some of it begins with long tail keyword creation. In fact, long tails narrow the playing field. They allow your client to gain visibility on search terms finely tuned to products, services and information. For example, there are broad terms like West Haven real estate. Then, there are long tails like West Haven waterfront vacation condos.

3rd Must-Do: Complete the Web Pages

Work with your web developer, or go solo. Create the web pages’ back drops and copyright content. In fact, here’s where your creative juices muster their mojo. Create balance between visual appeal and relevant content. In addition, make sure your web pages have both standard and mobile versions. Then, set up Google Analytics for the site.

4th Must-Do: Monitor the Newly SEO’d Site

SEO Holy Grail of TacticsIf anyone else has access and can make changes, this is an especially important step. Although, you must monitor your initial work. Since Google Analytics covers a huge swathe of website performance factors, check all relevant diagnostics in that tool regularly.

These are some of the SEO beginner must-dos. Although, a number of others come into play, while your research, refinements and content writing continues from here on! That said, if you want to tap on an SEO pro already geared up, who also knows all the other secrets of the Holy Grail of tactics, tap on Prostyle Development. We’ve got you covered there with decades of experience in SEO and digital marketing. We don’t miss a beat for the benefits you’ll reap!