How to Build Your Personal Online Brand

Do you want to build your personal brand? One of the best ways to do that is with WordPress. You will want to get the best information up and displayed to help you start building a trustworthy reputation as part of your personal brand. WordPress is a tool of choice to start with and accomplish that online. Here’s how to … Read More

WordPress Widgets

If you ever wanted to know what a WordPress Widget was, you can learn about them now. You may already know WordPress widgets are useful elements on a website, but what makes them tick? In a nutshell, they are small, standalone programmed blocks made to perform a specific function. In a WordPress website, you can easily add widgets, for example, … Read More

How to Make a Website Your Marketing Tool of Choice

A website is only as good as the use it’s put to. It is only as good as the time and attention that is paid to it, like most worthwhile things. It doesn’t have a life of its own and won’t perform all on its own. It needs to be attended to and valued. If you have a site, you … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get a WordPress Website

Since around 2000, websites have undergone stunning stages of change. They have gone from pure html static files, requiring a login to server access, to limited template platforms owned by their providers. They have moved from variations of that stage to state-of-the-art, open source platforms. Open source platforms are often being improved and kept on the cutting edge of web … Read More

Back Dating WordPress Posts

People might not even think it’s possible to back date a WordPress post. Although, it definitely is, and sometimes it’s  recommended. Your can certainly post with a current date and time or schedule for a future one. Dating a post is a fairly simple process. You just go to the “Publish” block in the column to the right of where … Read More

Promoting Old WordPress Posts

Most of the time, when bloggers write a post, it’s viewed as a one time thing and goes to the blog archive page to be forgotten. Most bloggers don’t recognize any value in their old posts. But what if you can get more out of them even when they are no longer ‘shiny and new’? What if it can make … Read More

How to Moderate WordPress Blog Pingbacks and Trackbacks

The moderation process is pretty straightforward, as trackbacks and pingbacks make their appearance in the comment moderation area. Just so you, our blog readers know, most of both these types of responses are going to be SPAM. Spammers use trackbacks and pingbacks to get a backlink from your site. In some cases pingbacks may come from users who actually steal … Read More

How to Auto-Schedule WordPress Blog Posts

Did you know you can auto-schedule your WordPress blog posts? You may know that by default, WordPress lets you schedule your posts to publish at a later date, but that’s not automatic. You still have to manually set the schedule date, and what if you forget? You might think that won’t happen to you. Although, I’ll bet it’s more likely … Read More

Facts About WordPress Blog Trackbacks and Pingbacks

A lot of people with WordPress blogs have questions about trackbacks and pingbacks. They are often unsure of what exactly they do, what the difference is between them and how to moderate them. Here are some facts about WordPress blog trackbacks and pingbacks that may put many of those nagging questions to rest. First of all, trackbacks make it possible for bloggers … Read More

How to Add Email Subscriptions to WordPress

If you ever wanted to know how to add email subscriptions to WordPress, here are some instructions that break it down in easy-to-understand terms. Once you learn the steps, building your email list will become like second nature. It will be something you can even look forward to. You may have decided to use email subscriptions for a few reasons. … Read More

WordPress Posts and Pages

A lot of people may not have taken the time to understand many of the differences between a WordPress post and a WordPress page. If you use WordPress as a blog, you may not have felt the need to know much about pages, for example. If you use WordPress just for pages, it’s possible you haven’t looked much into blogs. Both WordPress … Read More

Connecting and Engaging on Social Media

Social media (SM) has gotten a stunning amount of attention, both good and bad. It has become the vehicle of choice for connecting by many socialites, politicians and millions of Americans, not to mention by many with a business strategy. It’s clear to most you can reach more people more quickly through a tweet, a post or a video, than … Read More

How to Use MailChimp

How to Add Email Subscriptions

MailChimp is all about email marketing. It is a program that handles subscriber lists, email campaigns and campaign reports. For anyone employing email marketing, this can be indispensable. For those who are new to the idea and how to use MailChimp, you’ve come to the right blog post. If you want to have the means to manage subscriber lists, build … Read More

The RSS Story

A lot of us have heard of RSS and use it, but how many of us know what the acronym stands for? How many of us really know exactly how it works and understand its advantages? It’s definitely produced great benefits for users, and the RSS story begins with its birth as an aggregator of information on the internet. It serves as … Read More

Digital Marketing Field of Dreams

Digital Marketing Field of Dreams

Today’s devices like laptops, iPads and cell phones give us instant access to information, products and services. It’s like nothing else the world has seen. It’s nothing short of amazing, even though many of us take it for granted. But what’s even more amazing is the amount and diversity of information, products and services available in the digital world. We use … Read More

Tips on Blogging With Style

Blogging With Style - ProStyle

When it comes to blogging, choosing the right platform matters. For instance, if you want something tailor made for short, shareable posts and GIFs, Tumblr works well. The platform, Medium has a strong sense of community, if that’s more your style. For many of us, blogging amounts to more than those elements, though. For bloggers seeking the full gamut of … Read More