Mobile Apps For WordPress Site Management

Mobile apps are one of the biggest items trending on the market today. They allow us to plug into nearly anything from our mobile devices. Although, for the serious WordPress user, the focus is on plugging into our WordPress projects. So, are there mobile apps for WordPress Site Management, for example? Answer, yes. In fact, there are several. “Where do … Read More

Penguin and Google Search Algorithm

By now, all SEO pros and many others have gotten acclimated to the Google change in the Penguin filter. Although, after first hearing about it, it caused an initial flash of alarm in many, I’m sure, including me. But we adapted and moved on. That’s especially since Penguin 4.0 simply amounts to a more permanent fixture now in Google search … Read More

Free and Premium WordPress Themes

One of the first questions that comes up in the minds of WordPress users centers on what theme to use. After all, getting a handle on the look and feel of a WP website seems like the first hurdle to overcome in a WordPress project. Yet, the answer to that question can pose more questions. Here’s why. WordPress (WP) has … Read More

WordPress SEO Advanced Tools

We heard from sources like recently that WordPress introduced some new, advanced SEO tools. Especially relevant, Business Plan Users gain a lot from them. In fact, these WordPress SEO advanced tools can make life easy for small business owners. They can make like easy for folks why never had a website. The same is true for those who … Read More

Cost of the WordPress Project

Before you start any project, you must have an achievable¬† plan. That starts with figuring out the cost and resources needed. Only once the ducks are in a row should the project begin with a high expectation of success. When it comes to a WordPress project, there is no difference in strategy. In fact, the first step involves cost of … Read More

Website Project Hourly Rates Best Fixed Rates

Anyone who has every planned and built a WordPress website knows you cannot realistically figure the cost of the whole project at one, fixed rate. Development right from the start involves quite a few variables. Moreover, time and talent expended varies greatly, depending on the degree of creativity, frontend and backend execution. Yet, although website project hourly rates best fixed … Read More

Understanding WordPress Child Themes

If you read the blog on Understanding WordPress Theme Framework, you know a little about child themes. For those who didn’t read it, or those that just want to know more about this curious WordPress (WP) feature, let’s take a look at it close up. Let’s begin understanding WordPress child themes, what they are all about. Child themes are integral … Read More

Understanding WordPress Theme Framework

A lot of us have heard of a child theme in WordPress (WP) and other web solutions. We may or may not know exactly what that means. Some of us just need a little clarification. We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of child themes. But before we do, let’s look at the nuts and bolts of theme framework, the … Read More

Assigned vs Custom Domains

With many website solutions out there, you can get convenience, with much of the details left up to the provider. With solutions like WordPress you can get convenience and control over much of the details in your website solution. To illustrate this point, let’s look at a popular provider vs. WordPress. Let’s look at assigned vs custom domains. The Back … Read More

Get WordPress For Successful Digital Marketing

Based on everything we know in today’s digital marketing era, people have a few, main website options. About 60% of all users get WordPress for successful digital marketing, but let’s take a look at each of the contenders. These boil down to 3 main types of providers. The first two types are proprietary and provide the site and its hosting … Read More

Successful Digital Projects Require the Right Technology

It’s not just a digital marketing project, it’s a digital marketing project that deserves serious attention from the get go. Successful digital projects require the right attention. Successful digital projects require the right technology. The internet has been a major, power player for decades. Its digital market place has captured a boggling share of business activity. A business without a … Read More

Difference Between Wix and WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and considered the most efficient content management system (CMS) in the world by most in the know. That said, it’s definitely not the only contender. Wix, for example is an up and coming, popular option that has many powerful features. It’s a platform that many talk about and choose. So, what is the difference between … Read More

Adding WordPress Blog Footnotes

You may be one of those people who blogs pretty often. Maybe you are a journalist or a professional writer of some type. You may have, at least from time to time, wanted to add a footnote or two in your posts. It’s something that many of us don’t think about how to do, until we actually see the need. … Read More

WordPress Questions and Answers

People new to WordPress naturally have plenty of questions. Their questions can cover any number of a rich assortment of WordPress features and functions. Thankfully, they are working with a platform that is all about being user friendly and easy to learn. That said, it’s great to have some of the often raised, WordPress Questions and Answers addressed. We’ll cover … Read More