What Makes SEO Essential in Blogging

What Makes SEO Essential to blogging

Bloggers need to create relevant, interesting and useful content. Often, such content should be fluid and an easy read. It should reflect a capable writer behind it. Also, it should convey a supportive stance and even some authority. In other words, it should let readers know that not only is the content relevant, but it’s presenter, also. As a result, … Read More

What Real Estate Professionals Should Blog About

Many realtors often find they are quite busy. Also, they find hardly a moment to think about blogging. In fact, it’s hard enough to find the time, but what to say too? At the same time, having a solid web presence dictates the presence of relevant, timely content. As a result, blogging amounts to a must do. Although, what real … Read More

Pillars of Web Strategy Will Play a Greater Role in 2018

Happy New Year everybody, from Prostyle Development, Inc. We especially want to wish everyone a great year in solutions for their project strategies. In fact, we predict that’s just what you have in store with 2018. One thing’s for sure, we plan on it! Also, we have plenty of reason to think that 2018 holds much more in store, with … Read More

SEO Obstacles Not Related to SEO

Sometimes, when implementing SEO with the best experience and skill behind it, obstacles can still get in the way that aren’t even related to SEO. When that happens things can come to a stand still. Although, just what are the SEO obstacles not related to SEO that can cause such a thing? With the best SEO strategy ready to roll, … Read More

Why the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

Ever get a chance to look over it and wonder, why the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors? At first glance, it could seem like a lot of scientific lingo and dogma? In fact, you might even think it takes an SEO guru to really warm up to it. Although, while it does apply a scientific angle, it is not … Read More

Two Main Keys In Understanding SEO

Two main keys exist in understanding SEO. One, know it’s a vital in digital marketing. Two, know its complex in nature. In fact, contrary to traditional thought, there are few things fixed about SEO. Although thankfully, some basic guideposts exist. For example, you must have a site title. Include a meta description. Those guideposts fall in line with website architecture … Read More

Treat Content Marketing and SEO as Two Sides of One Coin

It happens a lot. You hear or read about content marketing. Although, it’s almost always treated as something all to itself. In fact, it’s almost as if it stands on its own merits as a total solution of sorts. On the other hand, the same is often true of SEO. As a result, the two seem compartmentalized in the thinking … Read More

Start Content Marketing Projects With SEO Instated

Many SEO professionals know, too well, how SEO has often been used in a content marketing project. They’ve seen that use as a standard. So, How does SEO get applied in a content marketing project? Well, it often ends  up at the tail end. In fact, some treat it almost as an afterthought.  As a result, with design and content … Read More

SEO Builds Brands and Brand Defense

What Makes SEO Essential to blogging

If you have been marketing online, you likely know your strategy has everything to do with branding. Also, you likely know your brand must be well-defined. It should be compelling and cohesive. Although, there’s another part to the strategy that leaves your brand dangling, if excluded. In fact, by any measure it becomes essential. What is it? Well, if you … Read More

SEO Rank and the Zero Position

Let me tell you a story about SEO rank and the zero position. And while it may sound like a fable, it happens to be true. In fact, it has quite a twist and turn to it. Since search engines (se’s) dawned for user internet inquiries, methods for mastering rank on page 1 of search engine results pages (SERPs) dawned. … Read More

SEO Beginner Must-Dos

New to SEO but want to make a great impact? Here’s what you should do. First, keep your focus on getting it right the first time. Second, never settle for unfinished and second best solutions. Third, use the best, legitimate tactics available. If you don’t know what they all are, let’s look now at some SEO beginner must-dos. In fact, … Read More

Creating Customized Short URLs

Creating customized short URLs is a great idea. Here’s why. When you write a fine article or blog, you usually want it to get the attention it deserves. You want to ‘put it up in lights’. On the internet, the very first way to do that is using a URL. In fact, you can make the URL easy to remember … Read More

Remove Annoying WordPress Default Image Links

Remove Annoying WordPress Default Image Links

How many of us have enjoyed the ease and functionality of uploading images to our WordPress site? No doubt, it’s one of the greatest web features to work with. Although, it can have a nasty little downside. Anybody guess what that might be? Yep, we’re talking about default image links. They attach themselves to our images automatically. And, we don’t … Read More

Using WordPress Categories and Tags

Typically, anyone who has worked with WordPress (WP) has at least some knowledge of categories and tags. Although, even veteran bloggers might benefit from better understanding of the difference in these functions. They may want to do a better job of using categories and tags to label and organize content. In fact, the differences between these functions are substantive. But, … Read More

Managing and Crediting WordPress Co-Authors

For a lot of us, online publishing is a big deal. Also, we enjoy tons of leverage in the creation of it with WordPress. Although, online publishing can involve a number of twists. For example, a huge portion of the published web content comes from single contributors. Yet, that’s not always the case. In fact, large publications often spring from … Read More

Make WordPress Sticky Posts

What Makes SEO Essential to blogging

So, what exactly are sticky posts? What exactly are their uses? These are questions many folks may be asking. Although, others may also just be hearing about them. In fact, WordPress sticky posts, while not something we hear a lot about, can be quite useful. For those of us who want to know how useful, let’s take a look at how … Read More