Managing and Crediting WordPress Co-Authors

For a lot of us, online publishing is a big deal. Also, we enjoy tons of leverage in the creation of it with WordPress. Although, online publishing can involve a number of twists. For example, a huge portion of the published web content comes from single contributors. Yet, that’s not always the case. In fact, large publications often spring from multiple contributors. These so called multi-author pieces raise the issue of managing and crediting WordPress co-authors. In fact, in cases like these, there may be content publishing that includes guest contributors. In addition, there may be a number of authors working on just one article. As a result, they all should get credit where the credit is due.

Managing and Crediting WordPress Co-Authors and Guest Contributors

As you manage your site and its online publishing, you want to make sure you account for your content contributors. As mentioned, your publishing activity may generate guest contributors. Also, a given article might require more than one author to complete. As a result, managing and crediting WordPress co-authors and guest contributors becomes a key part of managing your site. Let’s examine just how you do that.

Managing and Crediting WordPress Co-Authors With Co-Author Plus Plugin

First, get ahead of the curve. Install and activate a plugin. It’s called Co-Authors Plus. In fact, it’s free and comes with a lot of ‘pluses’. Now, you can easily credit guest authors and contributors. You can do that without creating any account on your WordPress site for them. Also, you can now assign co-authors. This step lets you credit a number of authors, who are contributing to the same article.

Co-Authors Plus adds a “Guest Authors” item, putting it under the Users menu in your admin area. There, you can simply go to “Users”, then “Guest Authors.” Add your new authors. Remember, you don’t need to set up an account for them. That’s great, since often guest authors do not contribute regularly.

Now, to credit the contributors for their work, just go to the post/article edit page. Since you installed the plugin, you will see another box that lets you choose author(s) for the article. They’ll get the credit, and so will you. In fact, your name is included by default. Although, you can simply remove it. You’ll want to do that if you didn’t take part in the creation.

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