Make WordPress Sticky Posts

So, what exactly are sticky posts? What exactly are their uses? These are questions many folks may be asking. Although, others may also just be hearing about them. In fact,¬†WordPress sticky posts, while not something we hear a lot about, can be quite useful. For those of us who want to know how useful, let’s take a look at how to make WordPress sticky posts. It’s really and easy to do utility. At the same time, it has loads of benefits.

Make WordPress Sticky Posts and Featured Posts

Most of our readers understand how to use a blog. Most of them actively blog. Although, not everyone has seen a need for the sticky post. As a result, not everyone has familiarized themselves with how to make WordPress sticky posts. That said, once they find out about the strategic quality of such posts, they’ll likely see the need and jump on the band wagon. For example, with sticky posts they can add a featured post to their homepage. In addition, there they can display that post differently.

Let’s look at the simple, how-to’s. Navigate to the post page you have in mind through your site’s admin area. Next, open that post page up. As you do, set your gaze on the right hand sidebar. That’s where you’ll find the “Publish” block. In it, focus on the “Visibility: Public” section. Click on “Edit.” It will expand. In fact, you’ll now see choices. (Here, you will notice you can also password protect or make your post private.) Focus on “Public.” It is normally already selected as the default. Next, check the box next to “Stick this post to the front page.” You can do this for both new and older posts. You’ll click publish for a new, unpublished post, or update for an existing post as the final step.

Make WordPress Sticky Posts Useful and Versatile

You can gain a lot more use and versatility when you make WordPress sticky posts. For example, if you want a sticky post to automatically expire, just install the Expire Sticky Posts plugin. It lets you set an expiration date. In another instance, you might want the sticky post to display not on the homepage, as it does by default. Instead, you might want your featured post to display on your category archive pages. Yes, that’s easily done with the Category Sticky Post plugin. Now, you can go into the post page, edit and select the sticky post category.

There’s a lot more you can do when you make WordPress sticky posts. You can even style them. Find out more about this useful, versatile and fun tool! Better yet, let Prostyle Development take care of all the finer styling and functioning details of your site for an overall outstanding WordPress solution!