Creating Customized Short URLs

Creating customized short URLs is a great idea. Here’s why. When you write a fine article or blog, you usually want it to get the attention it deserves. You want to ‘put it up in lights’. On the internet, the very first way to do that is using a URL. In fact, you can make the URL easy to remember through shortening. Although, most of all, use it to bolster your brand recognition. As a result, you’re powering up branding and making that easy to remember for users, at the same time. Both great pluses and necessities for the serious content writer.

Creating Customized Short URLs That Users Remember

most web developers and bloggers would agree, a URL for the web page should reflect your brand and focus of the content. Although, making the URL shorter at the same time gets added benefits. In fact, in social media, we see examples of that all the time. On Twitter, you can still push your brand and add a tiny URL in a 141 character limit safely. Think of, for on Twitter, for example. See? Short, sweet, and still gets the message across. Another added benefit comes with these customized URLs. You can easily track them. That’s right. You can see how many clicks come in when you share that URL.

Now that we know creating customized short URLs makes a world of sense, how do you make one? Well, there are a couple of routes you can take. First,  you can simply buy a short URL or short primary domain name. Point in fact, when it comes to the existing, primary domain name, most of us do not have a short one. If for your purpose, it’s a good idea to get a shortened version, you can set that up with a service like Domainr. Since they specialize in finding short domains for you, using their service makes sense. Although for branding, shortening and pointing back to your primary domain, Bitly is a great resource.

Creating Customized Short URLs and WordPress

Bitly has been in operation for decades, and it offers many benefits as a popular URL shortener. It even includes sophisticated features. In fact, these allow you to manage and track the short URLs you create. Also, setting up an account there is easy, as is a walk through of features and options at your disposal.

When it comes to creating customized short URLs, Bitly may be the first choice in WordPress. Why? You can easily manage and track everything from inside your WordPress site. That’s right. You can keep abreast of all your short URL activity. Just install and activate the WP Bitly plugin.

Want to know more about the smartest use of brand recognition in short URLs? Do you want more insight into how URLs work?  Want more info on using services like Bitly to get your digital marketing strategy into a productive groove? Check with us at Prostyle Development. We know all about short URLs. Also, we know all about shortening your path to success. Let us help. Connect with WP experts at Prostyle.