Changing Your WordPress Password

Passwords are an important part of nearly everyone’s life in today’s world. Obviously, they help keep our activities and information secure. As a result, it also becomes important to update passwords, from time to time. In fact, our advice is to make changing your WordPress password often, a required step.

It’s not enough anymore to set a password up and forget about it. In fact, it hasn’t been for decades. That fact became especially clear when hacking came on the scene in rampant style. Since WordPress sites garner plenty of interest from hackers, changing your WordPress password makes total sense. It’s a smart, must do. So, now that we have a good idea about why we should update passwords often, let’s look at the how to.

Changing Your WordPress Password – Update Passwords Often

Of course, you need to login to your WordPress website. Just put your domain name in the address bar. Your login might look like this: It might also look like this: Once you are in the back end, just navigate to “Users”, “Your Profile”. Once in that section, scroll down to find the “New Password” option. Changing your WordPress password requires that you create the new one, adding it twice. As you do that, check the strength indicator bar shown. If your new password is weak that indicates it would be easy for hackers to figure out. Work on a better one until the strength is good to great.

Once you’ve navigated the Add new password screen and made your update, click the “Update Profile” button. Your password is saved, and only it allows you access to your site now. It’s that easy, that simple, but hugely important to do.

A Reliable Rule of Thumb for Changing Your WordPress Password

When you update passwords, anywhere, including WordPress, just make sure they’re strong – easy for you to remember and hard for someone to guess. If you would like more advice, info and even assistance with managing not just your WordPress login, but your WordPress site, let us know. We’re here to help.